Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gold Jewellery

There are hundreds of designs which can be made out of Gold, but, it is not the design but the metal called Gold after which people run. Irrespective of age, caste, creed or country, Gold has a single meaning for all – royalty. It is one metal which separates the rich from the poor or the well – offs from the laid –offs. From ages, Gold has been the charm of Royals and riches. With the changing times however, it has become more accessible among the less privileged ones too. Definitely, Gold is one thing which stands apart from all others.

Though, diamond is nowadays preferred by many of the higher class, still, Gold stands where it stood ages ago – elegant and subtle in all its forms and designs.

Gold Jewellery includes a variety of jewellery like bangles, finger rings, earrings, nose pins, necklaces and so on. Gold crystal, gold pendants, bracelets, angle keys, emerald tablets, brocades, brooches, charm coins, worship coins, charms are some of the best sold gold jewellery sold around the world. Apart from these there are anklets, chains, wedding rings, glass, cups, saucers, platters and showpieces made of gold. However, these are generally gifted or a made for very rich people. All these things altogether make most of the Gold Jewellery world over.

Gold – of the royals and the kings, once landed in the hands of common people has been always the favorite of all. In India, it is much preserved and valued. Given in every marriage and al big occasions, it has a special place in the hearts of Indians. In fact, generations of Indians live with Gold without much change in the ideology. And, so India, Gold maintains much of its value in the same fashion as ever.

Gold is generally sold through big shops and jewelers all over the country. Today, however, the trend of online shopping is much on increase. Many online shopping portals in India, sell gold through their retail chains. The Gold sold through these shops is guaranteed of purity and also comes at a lower price than the retail market price. These portals can be relied upon as they often give guarantees as well as the facility of home delivery. Payment by cash can be given once the Gold jewellery is delivered at home. To know more what these online shopping portals have to offer, just log on to their websites running on the net.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


When we want to treat ourselves or when we want to treat someone special designer jewellery is a very good choice. We all love to feel special and these beautiful and unique pieces of designer jewellery will always be one of those things that make you feel special.

Maybe you would like a beautiful designer necklace and there are some great designer out there at the moment producing some stunning pieces of designer jewellery. Many of these pieces have been handmade from many different materials. Some have been created from precious metals like silver and gold creating expensive pieces that will make people get out there credit cards. There are also collections that have been created for the more modest pockets out of wood, semi-precious stones and pendants and imitation stones.

Maybe it is a pair of designer earrings that you are looking for. You may want to keep with the precious metals of gold and silver where they have been studded with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. If you are a lucky girl then maybe you will be given one of these stunning pairs of designer earrings as a gift. Designer earrings are also made from silver and gold coloured metals offering use a more affordable collection of designer earrings to choose from. These can be made from freshwater pearls, crystals, handmade lampwork beads and shells. You can get many pairs of designer earrings that will match the many designer bracelets and designer necklace that are out there on the market.

Maybe designer earrings or designer necklaces are not what you are looking for but it is a designer bracelet that you want to adorn your wrist. Again you can find designer bracelets that have been handmade from the precious metals of gold and silver. There are some stunning designs out there that have been crafted in silver into unique contemporary designs by many talented young designers and buy well established designer. These designer bracelets can be found that have been encrusted with beautiful gems that will be the envy of everyone. The fashion is also to wear may bracelets together in an eclectic mix to give that up to the minute designer look. Here you would choose bracelets that have been made from cheaper materials like wood, many bright and funky plastics or a collection of acrylic bracelets that have shinny materials set in them so that they shimmer and shin in the sun.

Whichever piece of designer jewellery you choose to buy be it a pair of designer earrings, a beautiful designer bracelet of a designer necklaces. There are some well known and well established designers out there but why not look for a young and up and coming designer that are out there creating these unique designer earring in contemporary design. Many of these young designers are making designer bracelets from an eclectic mix of materials or maybe you would like a designer necklace or why not splash out and have a designer jewellery set that includes all three.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Crafted from premium cottons and linens, Khaki makes you more comfort then any other cloths to subtle style. This line reflects the sturdiness and versatility of the desert sand and the wild forest There are line of apparel revolves round natural hues, where sand-yellow, white, sky-blue, brown, forest-green, moss, gray and black in Khaki collection.This line of outdoor apparel is crafted to perfection from the choicest abrasion-resistant fabric, unbreakable buttons, and solid brass zippers; producing a day-wear line of the highest quality.ColorPlus Khakis are professionally pre-washed to stabilize sizing. The inner piping, lining, and pocketing are of 100 % linen.Lot of varieties is coming in this collections from this range styled with cargo pockets complemented by camouflage-print flaps, zipper styling, loop styling and and many other variety of khaki. The collection makes for perfect weekend fun or school picnic wear.

ColorPlus Khaki tops are available priced in the Rs. 499/- to Rs. 899/- and Khaki bottoms start from Rs. 699/- going up to Rs. 1,499/-.
So when your making plan to bye Khaki cloth !

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Now your pretty well- designed Handbag is coming in attractive price with lots of little compartments and hooks, this portable, mirrored jewelry box.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Anniversary Gifts

Repetition can be a wonderful thing! With stars in your eyes, a skip in your step and a flutter in your heart,you welcome that one day a year when you can repeat the celebration of your love and your bond with your sweetheart. With an anniversary gift that you pour your heart and soul into choosing as a true expression of your love, you honor your relationship and triumph in your good fortune - the day your beloved graced your life! For the perfect gift for your perfect pair, get center stage with Our romantic anniversary gifts for couples will shine the perfect spotlight on your once-in-a-lifetime, Academy Award-winning love story.And while any year is a truly wonderful opportunity to give Boldloft's ultimately unique anniversary gifts for her and oh-so-good anniversary gifts for boyfriend, we are by far the ideal anniversary collection for your second year of bliss, when cotton wedding anniversary gifts are the traditional symbol of amore. Boldloft's cotton pillowcases, body pillowcases, and t-shirts are a passionately creative idea for 2nd year anniversary gifts.