Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Save money by shopping

I wear glasses and living in Bulgaria it is difficult to get a decent pair of glasses, somehow the fashion here is not quite up to western standards just yet. I've considered laser treatment, but that's far too expensive and risky just now. I have also tried contact lenses and fond that I just don't get on with them, I wish I could. So I'm stuck with glasses, which is not all bad news as I quite like wearing them, it give my bland face some character and of course easy to manage giving me eye protection as well.

Buying glasses from an optician shop is always difficult for me, I just never feel quite aggrieved that I am paying high street prices, even with discount opticians stores (there aren't any in Bulgaria) they are still very expensive. So what other options are there?

Online business seems to cater for most things nowadays and buying glasses is now a business that is firmly established online. I have bought new glasses online since being an expatriate in Bulgaria, not just from being the only option open to me but the best option. Even if I was still in the UK, I would still purchase my glasses online, it is so much easier and cheaper that was.

There are many firms online that take your own optical prescription; you chose a frame from a massive selection, including the lens and materials used. Most firms don't just cater for customers with impaired vision. There are fashion glasses, goggles, holiday frames to name a few that are also widely available. Delivery time are pretty fast as well with sign fro and registered option if you want that type of delivery service.

I purchased my first pair only a few months ago I chose a metal alloy stainless steel half rim frame and it only cost me $8 plus $5 postage! This price was was inclusive of the lenses. I could have got 80% polarised sunshade for a little extra, but that will wait until summer now with another pair that will be ordered. This is something like only 20% of the cost of a frame and lens from a high street optician. I just couldn't live with myself paying that nowadays. The worry about the cost of a new pair of glasses now is the least of my worries, for the cost of a meal out in a restaurant will more than cover the cost of new eye wear.

So, the bottom line is, why pay lots of money for quality eye wear when there is a better option out there to buy online. You don't need your eyes tested to see it makes sense. Just check out the many websites that provide this service.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


A woman wearing a fabulous dress with sensual shoes and her hair styled to perfection often feels at her very best, a woman can then ruin the whole look with the wrong choice of jewellery. As if the "rules" for the length of the skirt, the height of the shoes and the colour of lipstick were not enough, women also have to worry about what they should and should not be used to make jewellery work for them.

One great area for jewellery that is nearly always overlooked is the hair, especially if have a very full head of hair, designer hair accessories can very much help to enhance the natural beauty of your locks.

The quality of a pearl depends upon several factors such as the color of the pearl, the shape and the size of the pear, pearl type, Pearl luster, the nacre thickness etc. The pearls are created by the living organisms. So these factors have a lot of influence on the quality of the pearl. Some of these quality factors are very important while the others are only based on the taste of an individual. The Pearl whether it is an Akoya Pearl, Fresh water Pearl(Handama Pearls) etc. are created by the living creatures living in different climatic conditions. These conditions have a lot of impact on a pearl quality. Some pearls are very rare and some are very common. So availability factor is also an important factor in determining pearl quality.

The other important factor for determining pearl quality is the surface appearance. A good quality pearl must have smooth, regular and shiny surface in comparison with the rough, irregular and dull lower quality pearls. The shape of pearl is another factor which plays an important role in Pearl quality.

Just like anniversaries, Valentine's day may also require cheap and romantic gift ideas. Valentine's Day would always be a day for all lovers and for those people who want to show their affection to someone. In spending this day, our goal is to see our partner or loved one happy and smiling as we present our Valentine's gift to him or her without spending that much. As you read along this article, discover more ideas on some cheap Valentine's Day gifts that you can give to your partner.


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