Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Crafted from premium cottons and linens, Khaki makes you more comfort then any other cloths to subtle style. This line reflects the sturdiness and versatility of the desert sand and the wild forest There are line of apparel revolves round natural hues, where sand-yellow, white, sky-blue, brown, forest-green, moss, gray and black in Khaki collection.This line of outdoor apparel is crafted to perfection from the choicest abrasion-resistant fabric, unbreakable buttons, and solid brass zippers; producing a day-wear line of the highest quality.ColorPlus Khakis are professionally pre-washed to stabilize sizing. The inner piping, lining, and pocketing are of 100 % linen.Lot of varieties is coming in this collections from this range styled with cargo pockets complemented by camouflage-print flaps, zipper styling, loop styling and and many other variety of khaki. The collection makes for perfect weekend fun or school picnic wear.

ColorPlus Khaki tops are available priced in the Rs. 499/- to Rs. 899/- and Khaki bottoms start from Rs. 699/- going up to Rs. 1,499/-.
So when your making plan to bye Khaki cloth !

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