Monday, January 12, 2009

Budget Shopping

The credit crunch is a serious setback for everyone. On top of that the rise in household bills and food prices makes everything much worse. Many people who always shopped buying well known brands, have now cut back and are buying the shops own brands in order to cut costs. Even these are going up in price, I noticed quite a few price rises in the shops own brands with my last shopping trip.

To keep within budget when you shop, always have a meal or snack before you go as if you are hungry you will find yourself buying unnecessary items because you fancy them. Check out the two for one items, if it something you would normally buy and it is a definite saving that is fine. But don't buy something just because it two for one if is not on your shopping list.

All supermarkets display certain goods that they are pushing to sell in main areas to attract your attention, ignore them and shop from the shelves. These items will be on the shelve but so will other brands so you have a choice. Another trick that supermarkets have is to put the goods they want to sell at eye level, so always check above and below for other brands that may be cheaper.

Supermarkets are an expensive place to buy your meat. You have probably got into the habit of buying all weekly or monthly shopping in the one place, but why not try the local butchers for a change or the markets. The meat is probably less expensive and you can buy exactly the amount you want instead of pre-packs.

The same goes for vegetables, the green grocers are cheaper and the produce is just as good.
It is hard to cut down on your household bills like gas and electricity in the winter, but get in the habit of switching lights off when you leave a room.

At bedtime turn the electricity off at the wall plugs, all those little lights on appliances take electric and the only ones that need to be left on are of course your fridge and freezer. You may not save a fortune by cutting back but you will certainly save a few pounds.

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